Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lets Talk

Lori responds. It’s not like Lori didn’t have things to do while I paced around the clinic wondering. Why was I in such a big hurry anyway? The climb was next year and there was plenty of time to prepare. It was the excitement about climbing to bring hope, awareness and empowerment that deeply appealed to me.  It was the same message we delivered to our patients every day in our clinic. And Lori's climb was different in so many ways, the leader had a neurological condition who worked tirelessly to bring her message to others. Not for some big payoff, but to help others. And, the climb was not the usual event where you sign up or donate to something that may make an impact sometime in your lifetime. This climb would make a difference now for people living with MS and just maybe, PD.  
Lori writes me that the delay in getting back to me was due to driving ten hours to speak for an MS event, even though it has been only one day since I sent the email. Did Lori somehow know how much the climb had consumed my thoughts. She tells me she had been traveling the USA and Europe spreading the “message of hope…not to give up, even when faced with a potentially devastating diagnosis. It is all about believing in yourself and not being afraid to try.”
Lori fills me in on some details about her message, the climb, the climbers and the companions. How many people would I like to add to her team and the final words “Lets talk!”
Now I can’t sleep.  

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