Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cautious Optimism September 2010

Time seemed to crawl waiting for Lori to respond. I realize it had only been 24 hours, but I was beside myself in excitement. I hoped Lori would respond that the team wasn't full. Monique and I really wanted to go and were ready to sign up if Lori had any spots open on her team.
After emailing Lori, I immediately contacted a pharmaceutical company that makes medication for both PD and MS to see if they were sponsoring Lori’s climb. I had heard about a pharma sponsored climber/motivational speaker that also had MS so it seemed logical that Lori's climb would also be sponsored. No one knew if another regional office was in discussion with Lori but locally, there was some interest in hearing more. I thought for sure, Lori’s climb would be a shoe-in for sponsorship.
I emailed three other companies that Monique and I have worked with in the past. We knew a few people higher up the chain that could reach the people necessary to gain some attention. I wasn’t sure who was on what drug or whether there would be anyone with deep brain stimulation going on the climb but the special focus on MS and possibly PD seemed like a great way for one of these companies to show support for the medical conditions from which they produce medication. Even if Lori didn’t have spots for us or people with PD, I was still invested in trying to help bring attention to the climb with hopes I could spread the word, at least in our area, about Lori’s cause and the climb.
One of my contacts responded positively and asked for more information. This leads to more excitement, and patience did not come easy.   

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